South Carolina Lottery

The South Carolina lottery is ran by the state. The money that they get from selling the tickets and the Power ball numbers then goes to things that the state needs to pay for. With this in mind, there are some other things that one must know.

There are some tight laws with the lottery as well. For instance, one who plays has to be eighteen years of age. A retailer that sells to an underage person can get into some serious things because it's considered gambling.

Some people have a problem with playing the lottery. They put all their money into playing the game. Many say you don't stand a chance due to the fact that the odds of picking the right number are slim. This is why the jackpot is so big at times because they don't have winners. If there is no winner that week, then the jackpot goes up.

To help keep the gambling under control, there is a law that retailers can only accept cash for lottery tickets. If you win at scratch off and it's a small amount, then you can find that you can get the money from the retailer. Each state has a different limit as to how much you can collect from the retailer in regards to scratch offs.

When you win, you also find that they do take out taxes. You should almost expect this since it is state run. Every state has a different tax so you do need to read up on the laws regarding South Carolina taxes.

So, here is just the South Carolina lottery in a nutshell. There are many games to play and the scratch offs make great gifts. So, do you feel lucky? Many have won and the state could use your money to help get things done and pay for those things which is where the money goes.